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About Charlotte's

In 1951, Charlotte’s was no more than one little Early American furniture shop on Raynolds Street in central El Paso, TX. But with Charlotte and Bob Williams’ energy, hard work and an abundance of talent, the store began to grow, and it has been growing ever since. In 1976 the store was moved to its present location at 5411 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX in the beautiful Pepper Tree Square shopping center. The Williams entire professional attitude gave the business its direction and high degree of success. That same attitude and atmosphere is carried on today by the Williams’ daughter, Melissa O’Rourke, who operates the family-owned business.

Charlotte’s has always had the reputation as a complete home service store, and it attracts customers from all sections of El Paso, the Southwest and Mexico. As Mrs. Williams reputation as an interior designer grew, Charlotte’s design consulting service was added to the business. Since then, Charlotte’s has designed homes and offices, board rooms and country clubs, as well as, many other private and commercial venues.

The philosophy of Charlotte’s is summed up by a quote from Mrs. Williams: "It’s how you treat your clients and how you treat your employees. That’s what breeds a store’s image. We seek out and find makers of furniture whose quality and design are exceptional. People don’t have to be expert judges of quality, because we are." This proud philosophy continues today.